Saturday, June 20, 2015

a rainy day

It was one of those days, where it was pleasantly warm out, but would rain every ten minutes.  It's those type of days that I love.  It gives me inspiration.  Which I normally don't have.   

So I've taken up a new hobby.  It's kind of a stretch for me, since I don't do things like this.  Few days ago, this was my thoughts: "I want to teach myself the ukulele." So I went on Amazon and bought one.  And then it came in the mail and I tried to teach myself a song.  I managed to learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts" (and I named it Eugene. haha) (for those of you who know my love of Adventures in Odyssey, yes I named it after Eugene Meltsner.)

Your fellow sociopath, Diana 

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