Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preparing Food for the Winter

Autumn is the season for preparing and getting ready for Winter.  So, we have been canning so much lately.  First we did sweet and sour pickles.  They were so good that my family ate a whole jar in about two hours!!! My mom actually but them in the freezer instead of canning them.  But they were really good!!

 Then Mom and Kelle made peach jam with out sugar!! It took them all night to do it.  I was the photographer. =] 

Last Thursday, My brother-in-law and my Dad climbed our apple tree and they picked so many apples. They were lowering the baskets and I was emptying the apples and sending them right back up! They must have picked about 50 pounds of apples!  So I made apple crisp and then Mom and I canned apple sauce.  One of our batches of apple sauce was tinted pink because the skin was so red!!
 I made Chocolate Chip cookies for my Dad and I think this is my best recipe for cookies!! I will defenetly make these again! 

Joyfully in Him,