Saturday, June 20, 2015

a rainy day

It was one of those days, where it was pleasantly warm out, but would rain every ten minutes.  It's those type of days that I love.  It gives me inspiration.  Which I normally don't have.   

So I've taken up a new hobby.  It's kind of a stretch for me, since I don't do things like this.  Few days ago, this was my thoughts: "I want to teach myself the ukulele." So I went on Amazon and bought one.  And then it came in the mail and I tried to teach myself a song.  I managed to learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts" (and I named it Eugene. haha) (for those of you who know my love of Adventures in Odyssey, yes I named it after Eugene Meltsner.)

Your fellow sociopath, Diana 

Monday, April 6, 2015

poems by heinrich heine

Buch Der Lieder: Lyrisches Intermezzo: 'Es liegt der heisse Sommer'

There lies the heat of summer
on your cheek's lovely art:
There lies the cold of winter
Within your little heart.

That will change, beloved,
The end not as the start!
Winter on tour cheek then,
Summer in your heart.

Buch Der Lieder: Lyrisches Intermezzo: 'Ein Fichtenbaum'

A single fir-tree, lonely,
On a northern mountain height,
Sleeps in a white blanket,
Draped in snow and ice.

His dreams are of a palm-tree,
Who, far in eastern lands,
Weeps all alone and silent,
Among the burning sands.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

new design

hi everyone, my blog is under construction...hehe so please excuse the unorderliness of my blog. ;))

Joyfully in Him,
   Diana <3