Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Day of Baking

Ah, where would we be without nice sisters that get up very early in the morning (like 7:20) and make a nice breakfast for two boys who love breakfast. Yes, we sister are very much needed! =]
I got up and made my brother and my Dad pumpkin cinnamon swirl pancakes. They said that they were a big hit. I had a little trouble flipping them because there was so much cinnamon filling that it stuck to the flipper, but I ended up finishing them. I never really had much success with "pumpkin" let a lone pumpkin pancakes. I had a bad experience with pumpkin. I made pumpkin muffin one time, and everybody asked me not to make them again. They were rather interesting. But, I put the "pumpkin experience behind me and tried a new recipe.  Which I think the two boys loved.!!
How nice!! The satisfaction of making something your family likes!!!!!

Last night I made a 4-chip graham cracker bar cookie. (wow, what a long name!) It was really simple. And fast.

Joyfully in Him,

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Roses

I am very happy with this painting I did. I had been meaning to paint some roses for a very long time. Now, I finally did it. It took awhile to figure out what colors I should do and how they would all look together. But I consulted my fellow family members and I got some good votes on the colors. I took me about three or four days. In case you didn't know, I love to paint!!!!

Joyfully in Him,
    Diana <3